Limited Edition Early Release Funslinger and Funslinger X

funslingerThis week we have shipped out the only shipment (very limited numbers) of the all new Never Summer Funslinger and Funslinger X. This is a totally new board to the range for next year. It is a soft flex park, pipe, street and rail board featuring a totally new Boost Flex Core, Ripsaw profile (CR) and an asymmetrical sidecut. The Ripsaw profile (CR) has 2x the amount of camber as the standard rocker camber profile giving huge amounts of pop as well as grip. The awesome asymmetrical sidecut means there is a deeper sidecut on the heelside edge for easy heelside turns and more stability.

Take a look at this review by MTN Weekly and find out more about the Funslinger. Remember these are limited edition boards and so there are only a handful of each size available in the UK! They are only sold by Absolute Snow, Bliss Snowboards, Snowtrax and Surfdome.

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  1. Dave

    Fun slinger all the way. .


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