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Making a NS board – Step by Step – Part 2

Eddie Wall is back at the NS factory. He is building a custom snowboard and so far he has the core and the base sorted – if you missed it see Part 1. Now it is time for graphics. NS design and print their graphics in house and Jeremy Salyer is the man in charge.

The design process starts a good year before production normally – it involves a lot of discussion and feedback rounds. Once designs are finalised it is time to review them, size them and get them to the large format printers. There is constant checking going on. The prints are then sublimated into the topsheet materials. Once transferred they are pressed flat and cooled.

As this goes on – Eddie Wall is asking the guys constant questions from the public. Finally the finished topsheet is covered in a clear protective layer which will be removed after production. This is just to protect the topsheet from scratches in production.

Next up is layup!

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