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Making a NS board – Step by Step – Part 4

Eddie Wall has been spending a week with Never Summer building a custom snowboard to give away as part of Transworld Snowboarding’s 30th Anniversary. The board has been assembled and set in the press before being cooled overnight. Now its time to finish it.

The excess is trimmed off with a band saw on the sides and then the tip and tail by hand with a jig saw. A magnetic insert is used to help find where to drill the inserts out later – metal dust is dropped on the board to show where to place the jig and drill out the inserts. The board now enters the grinding stage where the excess glue and marks from the saw are ground away and the edges sharpened.

Once edges are done its time for a base grind – from 80 grit to 220 grit before wax is applied. After waxing it is buffed up then on to final inspection where it is graded, cleaned up and packaged.

That completes the board making process! Now you can see exactly what goes into the construction of every single NS board!

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