Tim Canaday's Shaper Series

16/17 Early Release – Tim Canaday’s Shaper Series

Brothers Tim and Tracey Canaday started Never Summer 26 years ago. For over 34 years Tim Canaday has been shaping snowboards. Always on the cutting edge of snowboard design, from the mind of Tim Canaday, Never Summer brings you the Shaper Series. Here to recapture the feeling that made us all
snowboarders, the Shaper Series is all about beautifying the turn and creating a fluid style all your own! The first time you linked turns…that’s when we all got hooked. That ‘something’ just ‘clicked’. It changed our lives.

The Shaper Series brings us back to our snowboarding roots. The fun and attainable style are the pure dynamics of snowboarding. Make no mistake. This is a very different board, from look, to profile, to performance, all inspired by fluid style. The Shaper Series embraces every aspect of snowboarding… groomer, park, trees, speed, big carves, huge lines…regardless of snow conditions.
Never Summer Fusion Rocker Camber Profile
The new Fusion Rocker Camber Profile is combined with an increased surface area and a streamlined taper that brings the passion back to your snowboarding. Every board has amazingly quick turn initiation, tons of pop, and trench digging edge hold regardless of size. Bring the beauty and awe back to your snowboarding. Reinvigorate your game. Always trust your shaper.


Snap in and out of turns, spin like a machine, and rail like a train. Size your Gator zero to 10cm smaller and improve your OVERALL performance. Amazing nimbility with stability that is incomprehensible in a board this size. 12mm of taper and massive surface area will have you happily downsizing without losing the performance or ability to ride ANYWHERE in ANY CONDITIONS. It’s a new world…adjust your stance width, placement, and angles for ride variations that fit the days mood, conditions, and style. You’d better get a Gator sooner rather than later.

Find out more about the Insta/Gator


The Maverix is very unique. When it comes to sizing we recommend you size the Maverix up to 10 cm, smaller or larger, than your standard ride. The Maverix features a wider than average waist width, 17mm of taper, and significantly larger surface area. Want a super nimble, wide, shorty with amazing edge hold and versatility? Size down the Maverix. Want a cushy ride that’s super responsive in a larger size? Size the Maverix bigger. Either way you’re going to get amazing performance and stylized fluidity that fits all conditions…not just the best conditions.

It’s a new world…play with your stance, width, placement and angles for ride variations that fit the days mood, conditions, and style. Everyone will be wondering where you found that steez.

Find out more about the Maverix

These models are very limited in numbers and available exclusively from: Absolute Snow, Surfdome and Snowtrax.

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