Never Summer Insta/Gator and Maverix Review

We have just spent some time in the alps enjoying the recent snowfalls and have had the chance to ride the new Shaper Series models – the Insta/Gator and Maverix. These boards are super fun and easy to ride! On paper though it might be hard to tell the difference between the two boards. They both feature the new Fusion Rocker Camber profile (diagram below) and have relatively short tails (set back stance). This extra camber at the back of the board provides a lot of grip and when needed pop.

Never Summer Fusion Rocker Camber Profile


If your thing is charging around at full speed, carving, bouncing off the side of the piste and generally making the most of the terrain then we recommend the Insta/Gator. Take it out a good few centimetres short and you can be super aggressive with it. It really is a lot of fun. The board does look really wide when you are riding it – but it did not feel wide. Some testers found it hard to get used to such a short nose.


If you are more about the perfect fluid carves and smooth style then the Maverix will be more your thing. It takes a lot of design hints from the Twenty Five but is a little more refined. We would be happy to ride this board all day whether we were on piste or off! This board feels like riding a conventional sized board and required less getting used to than the Insta/Gator.

Remember – These models are very limited in numbers and available exclusively from: Absolute Snow, Surfdome and Snowtrax.

The graphics shown above are sample graphics. The Limited Edition Early release models are shown below.

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