Ethan Smith

Ethan SmithDOB: 12/06/2003
FAVE NS BOARD: Evo Mini – This board rocks. It is super easy to ride in the park, pipe AND pow!
LOCAL SPOT: Snowtrax at Christchurch. It’s ProSlope and it rocks!
My first love is freeriding, I get such a thrill leaving the piste and heading into the trees and the Pow. When I go riding abroad I will spend 80{ebe16ef940fad4ae974c6f62567461d8c0fea50eb0b57f20b50ebd2e4968abe7} of my time off piste looking for that drop or trying to find untracked snow. Looking back and seeing my line makes me really happy! I have been trained in the use of transceivers and probes, but it is something that must be used regularly to make sure that it becomes second nature.

Unfortunately there is little freeriding available in the UK so I spend most of my time at either a dome or dry slope, you will find me in the park. I really enjoy freestyle riding and really love hitting the features that are provided, the crews work really hard getting it right. My favourite park features have to be kickers, I really love the feeling of height and time slowing down, it is an awesome feeling landing that first new trick and riding away.