Amber Fennell

Amber Fennell 17/18 Season Edit

Amber rips! She rides fast with a powerful style and has a rapidly growing bag of tricks. At only 11, she relies on the speed of her board to help her clear jumps. After riding the Starlet for the last season, she will be stepping up to the Proto Mini for this winter!

This is what her coaches had to say about her season:

This 11 year old lady has got a crazy bag of tricks! Not many girl snowboarders out there are doing 720s off 15m jumps!! And almost more impressive is the consistency in which she lands her 180s and 360s during morning combos. Every day she follows the pathway and her persistence and ginger determination has paid off.

Winter 17/18 was the inaugural season of ‘Why Ain’t You Racing?!’. Amber’s freestyle skills translated into awesome board control down the track. The proof is in the pudding and she took home the overall Snowboard Germany SBXtrophy tour title. Just gotta go fast!

Once more Amber dominated in the slopestyle competition circuit: crowned as Princess of the Valley, and walking away with Austrian Masters trophy demonstrates her consistency. This competition experience along with the crazy foundation of tricks she has built can only mean exciting times ahead!!

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